Elevating Impact Lab: Innovations in Health

By PSU School of Business (other events)

2 Dates Through Oct 14, 2017

Elevating Impact Lab: Innovations in Health sponsored by MOOVEL

Elevating Impact Lab is a kickstart weekend designed to activate students into change agents. During two evenings and one day, you will work with teams, mentors from the community and PSU faculty and staff to experience innovation in action and grow and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. 

The theme of this kickstart weekend, Innovations in Health, explores opportunities for innovation and business applications in healthcare. 

Wednesday, October 11th: Kickoff Speaker sponsored by Cambia

Our Keynote Speaker will explore strategic imperatives in health and will set the stage for our kickstart weekend. You'll get your creative juices flowing around around what products, services and businesses will solve the challenges in healthcare. You don't have to attend the Kickoff to participate in the Elevating Impact Lab, but it is highly encouraged.

The Kickoff is free and open to the community. 

Friday, October 13th - Saturday, October 14th: Elevating Impact Lab

This is when we move from ideas to action. As a participant, you will form teams, develop potential solutions and present your ideas for a chance to prizes to take your idea to take your idea further. You'll meet with startup and health industry leaders to validate ideas, get some coaching and then to iterate your idea based on market research. You'll also get the chance to meet with successful startup leadership, including one PSU graduate who took an idea from an event like this and built a business. (Full agenda below.)

Oh, yes, there will be food! 

Space in this Elevating Impact Lab is limited. Please register today by clicking Tickets. 

Elevating Impact Lab: Innovations in Heath is sponsored by Moovel, Cambia, PSU School of Business, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the PSU Foundation.


Elevating Impact Lab Schedule

Wednesday, October 11th

7:30 PM Elevating Impact Lab Kickoff: Strategic Imperatives in Health Keynote - This keynote is optional, but highly recommended for all Elevating Impact Lab participants. It is open to the public.

Friday, October 13th 

5:00 PM Registration begins - Arrive at Karl Miller Center and get checked in
5:30 PM Dinner & Networking - Connect with fellow students over dinner
6:30 PM Welcome - Our facilitator will the get things started and review our agenda for the weekend
7:00 PM You pitch your idea - You have one minute to share your idea and convince other to join your team. Don't have an idea? Don't worry - You don't have to pitch!
8:00 PM Participants vote on ideas - You'll vote on the best ideas. Only top ideas will move forward in this Elevating Impact Lab.
8:30 PM Selected ideas announced and teams are formed - Did your idea move forward? Great - Now you have to recruit people to your team! If your idea didn't get selected or you didn't pitch an idea, find an idea you're interested in and join them!
9:00 PM Teams assign roles - Now that you've formed a team, it's time to get to work. You'll decided how you can best contribute your skills, and divvy up the work.
9:30 PM Start working on your idea, but we recommend getting a good night's rest because tomorrow will be busy! 

Saturday, October 14th 

8:30 AM Arrive - We'll fuel you up with a simple breakfast and coffee
9:00 AM Morning announcements - We'll make sure you and your team have your marching orders for the day
10:00 AM Get to work - Go out into the community and test your idea. Meet with potential customers and partners and find out if your idea has legs. The judges will be looking to see what market research and validation you've conducted.
10 AM - 12 PM Meet with mentors - You'll have access to startup leaders and industry experts - Take advantage of their expertise and find out what they think of your idea.
12:00 PM Lunch - Mandatory! Recharge with lunch and presentation PSU Alumn and startup founder, Nat Parker
12 PM - 2 PM Meet with mentors - You'll have access to startup leaders and industry experts - Take advantage of their expertise and find out what they think of your idea.
2:00 PM Prepare for final presentations - Get ready to present your idea to our judges. Remember, there's a prize on the line.
3:00 PM Check in - Our facilitator will do a final check-in with team to make sure they're ready to present.
4:30 PM Dinner
5:00 PM Final presentations start
7:00 PM Final presentations end
7:15 PM Panel
8:30 PM Judging and Awards - We'll announce the winners of Startup Weekend Lab
10:00 PM Leave